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Conference Version updated April 2, 2024
Version 1.0, posted and sent to chairs Dec. 17, 2023.
Version 1.2, current as of Jan. 21, 2024

Socio/Webex webpage
Download the app!

1. You’ll need to log in with the email associated with your registration and set up (or reset) a password in most cases.
2. Then you will need an access code: (not the same as your password): Toronto!

From time to time, the program will not be available while it updates. Please check back when that happens. Thanks!

You can find information about AV availability in your session room on the right side of this page or by clicking: AV and Technology, including a link to upload your slide decks and accessibility copies to the app (which can be found here as well: Accessibility Copies Form).

You can find your session on the PDF by searching for it online; you can also download the PDF (see the link below the embedded PDF).

Please note that this schedule remains in draft form as indicated at the top of every page; minor edits such as room changes and correction of mistakes made by the Business Office or Printer may still take place. Check the PDF’s version number to ensure you have the latest copy. Other changes, such as title changes, are no longer possible.

Session Changes and Errata Sheet

The Program Committee and Business Office worked to ensure a robust and diverse selection of sessions in every time slot. Inevitably, you will have to choose between sessions that are equally important to you. We hope that you see that choice not as a problem, but as the result of a rich and exciting program for Toronto 2024!

Contact the Executive Director Benita Blessing ( for questions or if you need help! Thanks!


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