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Preliminary Schedule

Version 1.0, posted and sent to chairs Dec. 17, 2023.
Version 1.2, current as of Jan. 21, 2024

From time to time, the preliminary schedule will not be available while it updates. Please check back when that happens. Thanks!

The preliminary schedule in document form is now available. You can find your session by 1) clicking on the spreadsheet and then 2) clicking on the “find” function using a keyword in the title – this is usually “Command F” on Macs and “Control F” on PCs, or you can use your browser’s search function (usually under “edit”). Just make sure that you have clicked on the spreadsheet to see the results.

Please note that this schedule remains in draft form; minor edits are still possible.

Chairs also previously received a preliminary schedule (see below) and a form to fill out if there are scheduling conflicts or similar issues after they check with their session participants.

The color codes are for scheduling purposes only and will not appear on the final program. Most sessions included up to 5 keywords in their abstract, and taking over 100 keywords into account in a scheduling table is not possible. Rest assured that all your session keywords will appear on the app. We tried to account for all keywords and themes to the greatest extent possible.

The Program Committee and Business Office worked to ensure a robust and diverse selection of sessions in every time slot. Inevitably, you will have to choose between sessions that are equally important to you. We hope that you see that choice not as a problem, but as the result of a rich and exciting program for Toronto 2024!

Contact the Executive Director Benita Blessing ( for questions or if you need help! Thanks!