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ASECS Committees and Task Forces, 2023–2024

Engage with the society on a new level by joining a committee! ASECS has a number of standing committees, in addition to other limited-term task forces and subcommittees, that help advance the mission of supporting the interdisciplinary and global study and teaching of the long eighteenth century.

Below are some of our standing committees with their descriptions. Read about other volunteer opportunities, and learn how to express your interest in committee service, on our Volunteer Page.

Constitution and Bylaws Task Force
  • Misty Anderson, ASECS 2nd Vice President, co-chair; Professor of English, affiliate Professor of Theatre and Religious Studies, University of Tennessee
  • Paola Bertucci, ASECS 1st Vice President, co-chair; Professor of History and History of Medicine; Curator-in-charge, History of Science and Technology Division, Peabody Museum, Yale University
  • Manushag (Nush) Powell, ASECS Parliamentarian, ex officio, non-voting; Professor of English, Purdue University
  • Benita Blessing, ASECS Executive Director, ex officio, non-voting
  • George Boulukos, Professor of British Literature and Africana Studies, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
  • Mark Boonshoft, Associate Professor of American History; Chair in American Constitutional History, Virginia Military Institute
  • Jason Farr, Associate Professor of English, Marquette University
  • Jennifer Germann, Regional Affiliate of Institute for European Studies, Cornell University, and Independent Scholar, British and French Art History, Women’s and Gender Studies 
  • Monica Anke Hahn, Assistant Professor of Art History, Community College of Philadelphia
  • Christy Pichichero, Associate Professor of History, French, and African and African American Studies, affiliated faculty in Women and Gender Studies and War and the Military in Society programs, George Mason University
  • Chunjie Zhang, Associate Professor of German, affiliate faculty in Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, East Asian Studies, Critical Theory, Global Migration Center, and Religious Studies Graduate Group, UC Davis.
Development Committee

Charge: Identify areas of funding and financial development.

Composition: Treasurer, Executive Director, and 2-3 members

Deadlines and Timeframe: The Committee meets regularly throughout the year.

Michael Lynn, Pacific University (chair)
Joseph Bartolomeo, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Benita Blessing, ASECS Executive Director
Jeremy Webster, Ohio University

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

Charge: To support greater equity, inclusion, and accessibility for ASECS members, and to foster racial, ethnic, and gender diversity within the Society.

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee meets throughout the year.

Chair: Sal Nicolazzo (English), Race and Empire Caucus
Jeremy Chow (Engish), Queer and Trans Caucus
Stephanie Hershinow (English), Women’s Caucus
Mehl Pemrose (Spanish and Portuguese), Member at Large
Meghan Roberts (History), Board Member
TBD: Disability Studies Caucus and Graduate Student/Early Career Studies Caucus

Note: The Harassment Committee (see this page) is responsible for receiving complaints from members; members may also use the services of ASECS’s external, neutral Ombuds.

Graduate Student Prize Committee

Charge: Identifies best graduate student research essay prize and best graduate student conference paper.

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions to Graduate Student Research Essay Prize, usually due Jan. 1, for papers submitted in the previous 12 months; it reviews submissions for the Graduate Student Conference Paper, usually due 2 weeks after the Annual Meeting.

Chair: Amy Freund, SMU
Anne Seul, Washington University at St. Louis
Helen Thompson, Northwestern University

Hans Turley Prize in Queer Eighteenth-Century Studies

Charge: Selects the best paper on a topic in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, or Queer Studies delivered at the ASECS Annual Meeting or a regional affiliate conference by a graduate student, an untenured faculty member, or an independent scholar.

Composition: Senior members of the Gay and Trans Caucus (and thus ineligible for the prize).

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions for the prize annually, usually due Oct. 1, for papers presented in the previous 12 months.

Submissions Information

2023 Committee:
Chair, Susan Lanser, Brandeis University
Jason Farr, Marquette University
Kristina Straub, Carnegie Mellon

Harassment Committee

Charge: The Harassment Committee is charged with receiving complaints from any participant in an ASECS-sponsored activity who has experienced a violation of the harassment policy.

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee meets as necessary.

Chair: Susan Lanser, Brandeis University
Julia Fawcett (regular), University of California – Berkeley
Corinne Harol, English (regular)
David Alf, English (alternate), University of Buffalo
Luis Ramos (alternate), New York University

Note: ASECS also engages the services of an external, neutral Ombuds.

Innovative Course Design Committee

Charge: Selects the most innovative examples of undergraduate teaching.

Composition: 3 members.

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions for the prize annually, usually submitted Oct. 15.

James L. Clifford Prize Committee

Charge: Selects the best article on an eighteenth-century topic.

Submissions Information

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions for the prize annually, usually due on Jan. 1.

2024 Committee
Chair: James Mulholland, North Carolina State University
Masano Yamashita, University of Colorado Boulder
Jason Shaffer, United Stated Naval Academy

Louis Gottschalk Prize Committee

Charge: Selects the best book in eighteenth-century studies.

Submissions Information

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions for the prize annually, usually due on Nov. 1.

2024 Committee
Chair: Elaine McGirr, University of Bristol
Melissa Mowry
Amelia Rauser, Franklin and Marshall College

Media and Publications Advisory Committee (MPAC)

Charge: Advises the Executive Board and the Business Office on matters broadly related to communications and publications.

Composition: Executive Director (chair); one member at large; one Executive Board member; the editors of the two journals.

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee meets as needed throughout the year.

Chair, Benita Blessing, Executive Director
Karen Stolley, Emory University
Craig Hanson, Calvin University
ECS editor: Ramesh Mallipeddi, University of British Columbia
SECC editor: David Brewer, The Ohio State University

Nominating Committee

Charge: Prepares a slate of ASECS members to run for various offices. The offices to be filled annually include the Second Vice-President and two positions as Members-at-Large.

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committees solicits and reviews candidates for service on the Executive Board annually. The report to the Executive Director is usually due in the fall.

2023 Committee
Chair: Nicole Aljoe, Northeastern University
Denise Baxter, University of North Texas
Anita Guerrini, Oregon State University emerita
Yann Robert, University of Illinois – Chicago

Program Committee for Annual Meeting, Virtual 2025

Charge: Assists the Business Office to plan the Annual Meeting.

Deadlines/Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions for the Program to the Annual Meeting, usually due in the summer; and helps prepare the schedule and program for distribution 2-3 months before the Annual Meeting.

· Daniel O’Quinn, chair (
· Hilary Havens, Advisor for Accessibility, Disability, and Inclusion
· Monica Hahn
· Mary Bath Harris
· Emily Pearson

Note: Please contact Executive Director Benita Blessing for questions about the Annual Meeting (

Srinivas Aravamudan Prize Committee

Charge: Selects best article in previous academic year that “pushes the boundaries, geographical and conceptual, of eighteenth-century studies, especially by using a transnatianal, comparative, or cosmopolitan approach.”

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions for the prize annually, usually due on Jan. 1.

Chair: Chloe Wigston Smith, material culture, University of York (UK)
Sarah Eyerly, Florida State, Music
Rachel Wheeler, IUPUI, Religion/History
Peggy Elliot, Georgia College, French

Travel Awards Committee

Charge: Reviews proposals to the ASECS travel awards and fellowships.

Deadline and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions annually, usually due Jan. 1.

Chair: Carole Martin, Texas State, French
Annelise Andries, Utrecht, Music
Amber Ludwig, Honolulu Museum of Art, Art History
Stephanie Insley Hershinow, CUNY, English

Traveling Jam Pot Fund Committee

Charge: Awards ABDs and PhDs within one year of their completion $300 plus conference registration in order to attend the Annual Meeting.

Deadlines and Timeframe: The committee reviews submissions for funding annually, usually due 4-6 months before the Annual Meeting.

2023 Committee:
Chair: Stephen Lazer, Arizona State, History
Aleksondra Hultquist, Stockton University
Enid Valley, Kalamazoo College

Delegates to Coalition Partners

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS): Elizabeth Kraft, University of Georgia (through 6/2027)

International Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS): Chunjie Zhang, University of California Davis (through 6/2025)