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Audiovisual and Technology

History of Price Increases

AV equipment has become our most expensive budget item for the Annual Meeting in the last 2 years.

In 2019, ASECS paid approx. $20,000 for LCD projectors and low-bandwidth wifi (no speakers); in 2022, our first return to an in-person conference, that price doubled for that same level of service. In 2023, the hotel’s AV company presented us with a $99,996.61 bid for LCD projectors, 3 “sound” rooms (speakers and microphones); low-bandwidth wifi was included.

We operate our conference at a significant loss, which adds to our growing structural budget deficit. This bid was far beyond our resources. We utilized the services of another AV company for approx. $55,000, which included LCD projectors in every room and 5 sound rooms, but did not include wifi or hardwired internet for streaming plenaries or other sessions; we anticipate a similar situation this year.

LCD Projectors

We anticipate having LCD projectors in every room. Please bring adapters if you use a Mac.

Speakers and microphones

We anticipate having 5 “sound” rooms over the 3 days of the conference. This will provide us with approx. 65 rooms.

Wifi and Internet

We do not yet have a definitive bid for AV equipment this year, but it is possible that we will again need to forego low-bandwidth internet for breakout rooms and hardwired internet for streaming of plenary or other sessions.

Wifi is available in the lobby and in guest rooms for members of the free Marriott/Sheraton Bonvoy program or for a cost.

We will not be offering virtual participation at this year’s Annual Meeting. For members who request virtual accommodations, chairs may permit registered conference panelists the option of pre-recording a session. If chairs permit that option, they should ensure that they have downloaded the video to their computer for them to play. Note that some rooms may not have speakers.

As announced at the 2022 and 2023 Business Meeting and in our news circular and via our website, ASECS will host an all-virtual Annual Meeting in 2025.


We will again use an app from WebEx (formerly Socio). Print programs will not be available in order to save costs and minimize the disposal of thousands of pages of programs.

The app has the possibility of adding slide decks and papers to the session for accessibility copies or to provide extra information; presenters will receive instructions for how to upload their materials or provide a URL to the Business Office as the conference draws nearer.