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ECCO to re-OCR 1M pages

Gale-Cengage will re-OCR around a million pages of ECCO to improve pages that are either: particularly poor; particularly commonly used; works by women or minority authors. This should significantly improve the experience for any researcher that uses ECCO. See this blog for more information: Optical Character Recognition Improvement. Other inquiries can be sent to

Like ECCO? Find More 18th-Century Archives

Are you looking for ways to enrich eighteenth-century studies with resources that support equitable, diverse, and inclusive research? Gale helps you connect students and faculty to primary sources that share unique insights into women’s rights, racial inequalities, and more. All ASECS members have access to Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO), Gale’s premier archive for advanced study of the eighteenth century, but no one archive can fully cover a hundred years of history and discourse. Find more collections that provide access to rare eighteenth-century content across geographies, media sources, and diverse perspectives. Visit Gale during #ASECS… Read More »Like ECCO? Find More 18th-Century Archives