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Happy Giving Tuesday!

Thanks to the support of members like you, ASECS has continued to deepen our commitment to nurturing and expanding scholarship and teaching across the disciplines in the long eighteenth century.

 Perhaps you have found inspiration for a syllabus from the bibliography section of the “Teaching and Bibliographical Resources” webpage, or used one of the “toolkits” there to advocate for the humanities on your campus. Or perhaps you’ve made use of Eighteenth-Century Collections Online (ECCO): Your generous donations have secured perpetual access to this important database outright, making it available to all ASECS members based in North America.

 This Giving Tuesday, you can continue to support this work in so many ways, but I’ll name just two:

  1. Donate to an ASECS fund – whether it’s $25 to the Unrestricted Funds category, $50 to support the annual fees for the updating and maintenance of the ECCO database, or $75 to your favorite fund, your tax-deductible contribution will help support the programs you care about.

    Place a credit card order on the JHUP Donation Page for a donation of any amount to any fund, or donate by check or money order (payable to ASECS) at 2397 NW Kings Blvd, Box 114, Corvallis, OR 97330. Please be sure to note the fund(s) you wish to support.
  2. Give your time. You can play an active role in your society’s work by volunteering. You’ll find the description of committees on the committee page. And make sure to reach out to the coordinators of one of the many ASECS caucuses to explore ways to participate in specific areas of interest.

One more thing – if you have already included ASECS in your Estate Plans, please let us know. 

With gratitude for all you do,


Benita Blessing, PhD
Executive Director